Next to be seen 59 years later! Do you not enjoy Jupiter and Saturn shining on both sides of the Milky Way at Yatsugatake?

One of the highlights of Yatsugatake is the starry sky that shows a variety of appearances every season. This area, known as a starlit sky spot, attracts many people, including star lovers, to enjoy the stars.

Some phenomena may be interesting depending on the season. In summer, the Perseid meteor shower, which reaches its peak during the tray season in August, is famous.

This year, in addition to these classic astronomical events, there is also a chance to see slightly unusual scenery. Jupiter and Mercury shine on both sides of the Milky Way.

Jupiter is the largest object in the solar system, and Saturn is the second largest object after it. It is an unusual sight to see the two shining beside the Milky Way, and the next one will be seen 59 years later.

There are astronomical events where you can see such sights. One of them is “Migete Hoshimi in Mukawa” held on August 3.

Nature photographer Toshio Ushiyama appears and talks about Jupiter and Saturn under the theme of “starry sky with two great planets shining”. Of course, after the lecture, you will actually look up at the starry sky with an astronomical telescope.

Participation is free, but those who want to participate should apply as soon as possible because the application system is on a first come, first served basis!

[The 10th side up, Hoshimi in Mukawa]

event date
August 3, 2019 (Saturday)
19: 30- (Reception = 19: 00-)
Kaikoma Center Seseragi Hall (1243, Makihara, Takegawa-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture)
Entry fee
* Application required / Accepted until July 31
100 people
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Announcement of the 10th Miagete Hoshimi-ri in Mukawa – Hoshimi-ri, Tsukimi-ri (Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi) official site