Don’t boil the salt, just boil it thick and sweet! Peony-free farming without soybeans from Pinoppi Farm

Edamame is an essential summer snack. Of course it is also raised in the Yatsugatake area.

Noppo Farm is the one who specializes in making green soybeans called “Yuarigari Musume”.

“Yuagari Musume” is green soybeans with 2-3 grains stored in Saya with white hair. It is one of the popular varieties with aroma and sweetness like tea beans. No salt needed when boiling. If you boil it normally, you can feel the rich taste and flavor.

And, notch farms are not only delicious, but also safe. Carefully selected and aged compost is made at Yatsugatake, where the temperature varies greatly, and vegetables are grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, and herbicides.

Of course, soybeans are also pesticide-free. You can use it with confidence even if you want to put it in the food that your child eats.

Nope Farm’s vegetables are also sold at local shops such as Roadside Stations, but this summer, green soybeans are also sold online. You can order plenty of 1kg at Hachikatte, a mail-order site that deals with Yatsugatake’s specialty products.

Sales are scheduled for August. Please try the short seasonal taste of summer at this opportunity!

[Neda Farm Edamame and Hot Spring Girl]

Sales period
During August 2019 (planned)
2,160 yen (about 1kg)
Sales site
8katte Hachikatte -Yatsugatake Select Shop- | Delivered from Yatsugatake!
Sales page
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