Campfire at night! 「Body Mind Festa in Yatsugatake, refreshed with yoga

The refreshing Yatsugatake area is a perfect place to refresh your mind and body. Just taking a walk will make you feel better, but there are some special events for those who want to refresh.

This is the sixth “Body Mind Festa in Yatsugatake”.

This is an event that refreshes your body and body through exercises such as yoga and pilates in Kiyosato Kogen at an altitude of about 1,300m. A variety of people, including Ken Harakuma and Yasuhiro Yato, will be coming, and a total of 12 courses will be held from August 31 to September 1.

There are many programs that feel the comfort of the plateau, such as outside yoga on a large lawn. In the evening there will also be an annual campfire and dinner. Dinner is catering at the popular rock restaurant, Moegi Village ROCK in Kiyosato. On the next day when you have plenty of fun, there is a course to refresh from the early morning.

You can apply for the courses on a frame-by-frame basis, but if you take multiple courses, you can use the unlimited 1-day and 2-day unlimited courses. Applications are currently being accepted, so if you are interested, please do so soon!

[Body Mind Festa in Yatsugatake 2019]

event date
August 31 (Sat) and September 1 (Sun), 2019
* All 12 courses are held in 2 days
Hamura City Nature Vacation Village (3545-3877, Kiyosato, Takane-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture)
Tuition fee
1 frame = 5,000 yen
Unlimited 1 day = 9,000 yen
Unlimited 2 days = 15,000 yen
Inquiry page = https: //
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6th Body Mind Festa in Yatsugatake 2019