JAXA producer and caster of “Sommelier of Quasistar” appeared! Talk about space in Haramura

The starry sky that people have looked up since ancient times. Many people still look up at the sky and enjoy the scenery.

On the other hand, the universe is a lot unknown. Even now, advanced research is continuing.

An event to look up the starry sky while listening to the latest situation of the universe will be held on September 14. “Cosmic Night” is held in Haramura, Nagano Prefecture.

At this event, we will first have a talk session at the restaurant Deli & Cafe “K” in Yatsugatake Natural Culture Park. The talk guests are Yuta Kikuchi, who is working on a new business at JAXA, and Remi Enomoto, who is also a caster of Nippon Television’s NEWS24 “THE SOCIAL” and a “Sommier of Quasistar”. We will talk about the universe and stars on various topics, from the story of the starry sky to the latest technology such as space food.

During the talk session, snacks such as “K” original sandwiches are also available. UCHU BREWING craft beer made in the original Yatsugatake area is also available in limited quantities, so you can listen to the story while enjoying alcohol.

After the talk session, go outside and observe the starry sky. The starry sky you see after listening to various stories may look a little different than before.

We are currently accepting participation, so if you are interested in the starry sky and the universe, please come and visit us at this opportunity!

[Cosmic Night]

event date
September 14, 2019 (Saturday)
18: 00-21: 00 (opening = 17:30)
Deli & Cafe “K” (17217-1613, Hara-mura, Suwa-gun, Nagano / Yatsugatake Natural Cultural Park)
Entry fee
2,500 yen (including snacks such as sandwiches and drinks)
※ Alcohol is extra charge
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Cosmic Night ・ Luxury guest participation! Talk session & starry sky observation to know the latest situation of space and stars