Harvest Festival “Paul Rush Festival-Yatsugatake Cantilever” to enjoy Kiyosato’s dairy culture is October

The end of August is approaching, and the sign of autumn is gradually approaching in the Yatsugatake area. Preparations for the autumn event are also progressing steadily.

One such example is the “Paul Rush Festival-Yatsugatake Cantilever”, which can be said to be a symbol of Kiyosato in autumn.

This event, named after Dr. Paul Rush, the founder of the Keep Association, known as the Seisen Dormitory, and the father of the development of Kiyosato, is an autumn harvest festival representing the Yatsugatake area. It started in 1954 as the “Cantifair” encouraging hope for reconstruction, and was suspended, but revived in 1988 under the name “Paul Rush Festival” after his death. This is the most lively festival in Kiyosato, where more than 20,000 people gather in two days.

Eat, see and feel the Kiyosato culture for two days!

Kiyosato is a land where Dr. Paul Rush has explored forms that can produce food even in cold climates and has infiltrated dairy farming. This cantilever is also an original model of the American Harvest Festival. For this reason, the stalls lined up are mainly shops that use meat and dairy products. Every year, popular shops in the local area offer a variety of local dishes such as bread and sweets.

In addition, the Yatsugatake area is a land with many farmers and craft writers of vegetables and flower seedlings. In the venue, there will be areas such as Yatsugatake Kogen Market and Kanti Craft Market where such people gather.

And events such as stage programs are what makes the harvest festival exciting. Various programs are prepared every year, including a parade of tractors that has supported the development of Kiyosato, cheerleading, live performances, and concerts.

This year will be held on October 19 and 20. Come and enjoy the harvest festival where you can enjoy, see and feel the unique culture of the United States where Kiyoshisato was born, and the land where Dr. Paul Rush was born!

[Paul Rush Festival-Yatsugatake Cantilever-2019]

event date
October 19 (Sat), October 20, 2019 (Sun)
October 19 (Sat) = 10: 00-16: 30
October 20 (Sun) = 10: 00-16: 00
Seisen Dormitory Square (3545 Kiyosato, Takane-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture)
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