Free monitoring tour to enjoy Yatsugatake including kayaking, cycling and bonfire cafe!

In Yatsugatake area, tours and programs to enjoy nature, local history and culture are held in various places. Some of them are free to participate in the form of a monitor tour.

Currently, a monitoring tour of the Yatsugatake tourist area is being conducted. The Yatsugatake sightseeing zone is a project in which three municipalities, Haramura and Fujimi in Nagano, and Hokuto in Yamanashi are participating, and monitoring tours are also conducted at various spots in this area.

For example, on September 1, “ Early morning yoga ” to experience the sky and the earth in Kiyosato’s grassland on September 1, and “ Tenku Resort on a kayak to experience the sky on the mountain on October 6 ” On October 14th, tours such as “Yatsugatake Cycling in the Sky” to explore the autumn Haramura are scheduled.

In addition, you can enjoy various experiences every season, such as a bonfire café by the waterside when the autumn deepens.

All of these monitoring tours are free. Transportation costs to the site are paid by yourself, but anyone can participate free of charge.

Please apply for a monitoring tour where you can feel the various attractions of Yatsugatake!

[Yatsugatake Tourism Area Monitoring Tour 2019-2020]

event date
Experience the sky resort on a kayak = Sunday, October 6, 2019, etc.
* Please check the details page for each tour
Hara Village, Fujimi Town, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture
* Set for each tour
Entry fee
* Transportation expenses to the site are paid by yourself
Detail page
Free Participation Yatsugatake Tourism Area Monitoring Tour Notice-Haramura
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