[Yatsugatake Autumn Leaves Bulletin 2019] Kiyosato “Red Bridge” is at its peak! The Tateshina / Suwa area is about to become full-scale

The end of October. Many places in the Yatsugatake area are in the autumn season.

The plateau area is near the peak, and areas with slightly lower altitudes are also quite colored.

Kiyosato / Akabashi is at the end of this weekend

Kiyosato Kogen in Yamanashi, which is also home to “Country Festa in Moegi Village” this weekend, is reaching peak autumn colors this week.

Higashisawa Ohashi, a famous spot of autumn leaves, “Red Bridge” is a colorful scenery. Higashizawa Ohashi has a parking space and an observatory beside you, and you can see the mountains that surround the bridge.

From around late October to early November, the spot around the Kiyosato area, where the fall foliage greets, the area around the Suiryutaki Falls, has gradually turned colored.

Will this be the target after next week?

The plateau area of Nagano Prefecture is also in full season
On the Nagano Prefecture side, the plateau area is full of autumn leaves. The headband road connecting Haramura and Fujimi-machi in Nagano Prefecture with Kiyosato is the time when colored leaves are colored on both sides of the road.

The peak of autumn leaves is approaching this week in the Hara Village plateau area, which is about 1,300 meters above sea level, just past the headband road. This weekend, the Yatsugatake Natural Culture Park, where the Yatsugatake Craft City is held, has a variety of trees and colorful scenery.