Cycle cycling in Lake Suwa Yatsugatake, a sport that can be enjoyed while sightseeing, will be held in March!

Yatsugatake is a fun area to drive and explore, but it is also a fun area to ride a bicycle. In addition to flat terrain, it is easy to enjoy courses with height differences, and you can enjoy the scenery more slowly than a car and a wider area than walking.

In Yatsugatake, there are also bicycle races, but there are also events aimed at running while having fun. “Cycle Logining in Lake Suwa Yatsugatake” is one of them.

“Logining” is a sport where you go around checkpoints within a set time and compete for those points. It is similar to orienteering, but since rogaining has many checkpoints and the order of turn is not fixed, the strategy of efficiently turning around checkpoints becomes important.

Enjoying this on a bicycle is called “cycling gaining”. In this event, a team of one to five people will form a team around the checkpoints around Lake Suwa and the Yatsugatake area.

The time limit is 5 hours. From the 60 checkpoints, the game begins with thinking about where to choose and how to go around.

There are many spots where you can feel the charm of this area, such as the scenery, topography, the atmosphere of the hot spring post town, and the food culture. Not only aiming for a high score, but also enjoying running itself is an attraction of Cycle Logging.

The 2nd time is March 21. Bicycle rental is also available, so you can take part in sightseeing. Why not try riding a bicycle on Lake Suwa, Yatsugatake, where spring is approaching?

[Cycle Logining in Lake Suwa Yatsugatake Vol.2]

event date
March 21, 2020 (Sat)
10: 00-15: 00
(Reception = 8: 00 ~ / Awards ceremony & exchange event = 17: 00-19: 30)
The meeting place
Shimosuwa Gymnasium (4611-11 Shimosuwa-cho, Suwa-gun, Nagano)
Entry fee
Cycle log gaining = 5,000 yen (high school students and under = 3,000 yen)
Award ceremony and exchange meeting = 3,000 yen (high school students and below = 1,000 yen)
Application deadline
March 14, 2020 (Sat)
Detail page
Cycle Log Gaining in Lake Suwa Yatsugatake Vol.2