Overlooking the night view of the Suwa district! Fujimi Panorama Resort, Night Gondola & Starry Sky Observation Only for 3 Days in September

There are many spots that are perfect for viewing the starry sky, but in September you can see the starry sky at a special spot. It is the gondola peak of Fujimi panorama resort.

At Fujimi Panorama Resort, a night gondola runs for three days in September. A starlit sky observation party is held at the top of the gondola.

Former star of the Planetarium Association, Takanori Wakamiya, appeared as a lecturer at the starry sky observation party at the summit. We explain the starry sky using a personal computer, and then look up at the actual sky with a telescope. The explanation is made using a pinpoint laser, so you can see the stars very clearly.

Night Gondola is only available on September 7, 14, and 21 for three days. The night gondolas run twice a day at 19:00 and 20:00.

From the gondola summit, you can enjoy not only the starry sky, but also the night view of the Suwa area and the distant Kofu basin. Please come to see the romantic scenery that you cannot usually see.

[Night Gondola / Starry Sky Observation Event (2019)]
Date and time
September 7 (Sat), September 14 (Sat), September 21 (Sat), 2019
Night gondola operation time = 18: 30-21: 00 (final up = 20:00)
Starry sky observation party = 19: 00-19: 45/20: 00-20: 45
Fujimi Panorama Resort (6666-703 Fujimi, Fujimi-cho, Suwa-gun, Nagano Prefecture)
Night gondola round trip: Adults = 1250 yen, children = 600 yen, preschoolers = free

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Night Gondola / Starry Sky Observation [Saturday, September, 3 days only] | Fujimi Panorama Resort Fujimicho, Nagano Prefecture