Participation in the experience of making the famous “cold bleached soba”! Yatsugatake west foot soba field supporter is currently recruiting

Nagano Prefecture is an area known as soba. There are many soba fields and soba shops around Yatsugatake.

It is fun to eat and experience soba noodles, but there are also systems that allow you to get involved in the culture of soba noodles. It is a system of “Yatsugatake west foot soba field supporter” carried out in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture.

This system was born on the background of the aging of farmers and the lack of successors. By making it a “soba field supporter” for 10,000 yen per mouth, this system is designed to support farmers, reduce idle land, and leave a view of the buckwheat field.

Of course there are also benefits for those who became supporters. In the case of 2020 this year, you can receive 1 kg of harvested buckwheat flour at the end of the year or present a supporter card when you eat at a soba restaurant using buckwheat flour from the west foot of Yatsugatake in Chino city. You can get service. By the way, the buckwheat flour you get can be changed to New Year’s buckwheat noodles for an additional fee.

There are also events for supporters. Starting with the “Wild Vegetable Picking & Exchange Meeting” in May, which also serves as a meeting with the farmers, there will be a soba making experience party, a new soba tasting party, and an experience party to make a “cold bleached soba” called phantom soba. I am.

“Kan-bira soba” is a soba made by immersing buckwheat berries in the clear stream of January’s cold winter, exposing it to sunlight and cold winds, draining water, and then slowly aging it in a warehouse. This hassle frees the acupuncture and astringency and makes it a sweet side. This “cold bleached soba” is a specialty product that was a tribute to the feudal shoguns during the Edo period.

Exchanges are charged, but supporters can participate in making “Kyo-bashi-soba” free of charge.

“Yatsugatake west foot soba field supporter” which touches soba culture and helps local. We are currently recruiting supporters for 2020, so please join us if you are interested.

[Soba field supporter in 2020]

Application period
February 28, 2020 (Fri)-
Contract money
10,000 yen per unit (any number of units can be applied)
Detail page
Recruitment of 2020 soba field supporters | Chino Sightseeing Navigation