Doll decorations and events such as hanging chicks! “Shimosuwa Hina Kaido Festival” is being held until late March

The peach festival is coming soon. Is it time to start preparing dolls and decorations at home?

In this season, Shimosuwa Town in Nagano Prefecture is the place where the whole town is excited by the peach festival. Every year, displays and events of doll decorations are held in various places in the town, entitled “Shimosuwa Hina Kaido Festival”.

The display of the doll decoration starts early in February. Exhibitions start late this weekend, and last until late March.

In addition to the so-called hinadan doll decorations, such as the Imai Kuniko Literature Museum, there is also a place where a little unusual decoration, such as the Fushimi-ya House or the Shimo-Suwa Imaji-kan Oideya, is made of a hanging chick. It is also fun to compare the unique doll decorations of various facilities.

Before and after the peach festival, there are also events such as selling sakura mochi, special lunch boxes, lunch boxes, and workshops. March 1 is the day of the Hina Highway, especially the weekend just before the festival of peaches, and various places of hospitality are held.

People who wear kimonos at Nidec Sankyo Music Box Memorial Museum Suwanone get free admission, there are presents by the meeting of the hostess of Shimosuwa Onsen Ryokan on Tatemachi Street, Fushimi House and Shimo Suwa Konjakukan Oideya The workshop is held in the town, and the town is excited at the Doll’s Festival.

The period of exhibitions and events will vary depending on the facility, but planning will continue in various parts of the town until late March, not to mention the peach festival. If you come to Suwa to play in the early spring, please visit various places in Shimosuwa Town!

[Shimosuwa Hina Highway Festival (2020)]

Holding period
Mid-February to late March 2020
* Exhibition period varies depending on the facility
Hina Kaido Day = March 1, 2020 (Sun)
Fushimi House and other facilities in Shimosuwa Town
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