Master Hayashi Ichiichi is also this year! Spring’s annual “Suwa Rakugokai” will be held on April 5 this year

Spring rakugo-kai, which has been held in Suwa district, Nagano prefecture, will be held again this year. This is the fourth “Suwa Rakugokai” this year.

This rakugokai started with the desire of a rakugo enthusiast to want to hold a rakugokai in the local area. Held every year in Shimosuwa Town, Nagano Prefecture.

Every year, a variety of rakugo artists come to Suwa and tell stories about them, including Master Hayashi Ichiichi, who has appeared since the first installment.

Of course, this year will be the 4th, and Rev. Ishihiko Hayashi will also appear. Many teachers are known as masters of new and original rakugo, and know their names in the media such as radio programs with Hiroshi Kume.

In addition, this time, Mr. Irifunetei Senshin, a talented group synchronized with Mr. Hayashi Ichiichi, and Mr. Hayashiya Nuraku, a master of paper cutting that also appeared in the first Suwa Lake Rakugo Association, appeared. It will laugh in the spring of Suwa.

The event will be held on April 5 this year. In addition to local ticket dealers such as the Kasara Bookstore Okaya and Masya Guest House in Shimosuwa, application for advance tickets on the web has also started.

A valuable opportunity to experience rakugo live. If you like rakugo, of course, or if you are new to listening to rakugo, please come and visit us!

[The 4th Lake Suwa Rakugo Association]

event date
April 5, 2020 (Sun)
14: 00-16: 00 (opening = 13:30)
Shimosuwa Comprehensive Cultural Center (4611-40, Nishitakano-cho, Shimosuwa-machi, Suwa-gun, Nagano)
Kido Sen
Advance sale: Adults = 2,800 yen, high school students and younger = 2,000 yen
On the day ticket: Adults = 3,000 yen, high school students and younger = 2,500 yen
※ Because it is difficult for Nakaza to be full when it is full, preschool children should not participate
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