20,000 candles light up in Suwa, Nagano! “Ice Candle 2020” is tomorrow, February 1

This year, Yatsugatake will be lit with lights illuminating the winter night. Tomorrow, on February 1, the annual “ice candle” will be held in the Suwa district of Nagano Prefecture.

Suwa’s “Ice Candle” is the 26th winter event this year. They make ice candles using the water from Lake Suwa, and light them in six nearby municipalities, including Suwa City.

This year, a total of about 20,000 candles will be installed in various places, and all venues will be lit simultaneously on the night of February 1.

There are more than 20 venues, including the area around Kamisuwa Station shopping street, Lake Suwa, Takashima Castle, and the north approach to Suwa Taisha Shrine. Various places in the Suwa area, including hot spring facilities such as Kamisuwa Onsen Ryokan Area Suwako Land in Suwa City, Romanet in Okaya City, Fujimi Kogen Pension Village in Fujimi Town, and highland area spots such as Restaurant Deli & Cafe “K” in Haramura The facility is the venue, so you can easily drop in during sightseeing or downtown.

Behavior, food stalls, concerts and workshops!

Not to mention the scenery of candles, there are places where various events are held depending on the venue.

For example, in the Suwa Taisha publishing area, there is a free mochi-making competition from 16:00 in front of the store. The rice cakes that have been cooked will then behave. In addition, sake from the sake brewery in Suwa is also gathered, and you can enjoy comparing drinks for 100 yen per cup.

There are stalls in front of Kamisuwa Station, and concerts by brass band and others. A walk rally is held to walk around and collect stamps.

In addition, there are many venues where workshops for making ice candles and art lanterns are held, such as Lake Suwa Fureai Nagisa, Chino Civic Hall, Chino Station East Exit, and Okaya Art Archeological Museum.

There is also an ice candle limited menu at Haramura’s Deli & Café “K”, which holds glass candle workshops.

Walk, see, shoot, make and eat … one night with a lot of fun with ice candles. Please visit various spots in the Suwa area tomorrow!

[Ice Candle 2020]

event date
February 1, 2020 (Sat)
Lighting = 17: 00-
* Please check the announcement on the official website for the start time of related events
In addition to the area around the JR Kamisuwa Station shopping street, venues in Suwa, Okaya, Shimosuwa, Chino, Fujimi, and Haramura, Nagano Prefecture
* Please check the official website for venue information
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