First sunrise seen from the middle of the lake! Lake Suwa pleasure boat “New Year’s Day First Sunrise”, set sail in 2020

The Yatsugatake area is surrounded by mountains, but the first sunrise spot is not limited to mountains. You can even celebrate the first sunrise on the water.

Such a place is Lake Suwa. Lake Suwa is the largest lake in Nagano Prefecture, and pleasure boats usually run there.

On New Year’s Day, such a sightseeing boat operates specially. This is the first sunrise on New Year’s Day. Departing at 6:50 just before the sunrise on January 1 and heading to the center of Lake Suwa. You can see the first sunrise from the lake.

Up to the first 200 people, reception will start at 6:15 on the day. Why not get up early and start the year with special scenery?

[First Sunrise on New Year’s Day]

Operation day
January 1, 2020 (Wednesday / holiday)
Departure time
6:50 (reception = 6: 15-)
Departure place
Royal Pier (3-1-27, Koigan-dori, Suwa-shi, Nagano / Pleasure boat platform in front of “Sousen no Yado Shuhaku”)
Junior high school students and older = 1,500 yen, elementary school students = 800 yen, elementary school students = free
200 (first come, first served)
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