International Snowball Federation official recognition! Under recruitment of participation team, Yamanashi snowball competition that adult seriously challenges

December is about to begin, and the mountains, including Yatsugatake, are completely snow-covered. It has become a winter scenery. The living area where the roads pass is still free of snow this season, but usually around the beginning of the year it snows several times, and the area where the houses are lined up becomes white.

Such a snowy season is a snowball fight. On snowy days, you may see children playing by throwing snowballs, but there are also snowball competitions that adults can enjoy as sports, not just play. This is the 14th Yamanashi snowball competition in this season.

This tournament is a snowball tournament as a sport, officially recognized by the International Snowball Fighting Union. Compete for flags and compete for points.

This time, it will be held on March 8, 2020. A special venue will be set up at Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort in Kiyosato to compete in the qualifying league and the final tournament.

The target is a team of junior high school students and above. The Yamanashi Preschool Elementary School Snowball Tournament is also scheduled to be held on March 7 and is currently accepting applications.

If you enjoy a serious snowball fight, please join us!

[The 14th Yamanashi Snowball Tournament]

event date
March 8, 2020 (Sun)
* 6th Yamanashi Preschool Elementary School Snowball Tournament = March 7, 2020 (Sat)
Reception = 7: 30-8: 00
Closing ceremony = 16: 00-
* After the elementary school tournament on March 7, a welcome reception and combination lottery will be held from 16:00.
Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort Special venue (8240-1 Nishiide, Oizumi-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture)
Application period
October 14 (Mon)-December 22 (Sun), 2019
Participation fee
20,000 yen per team (including accident insurance and lunch)
* Elementary school tournament: 5,000 yen (including accident insurance, participation prize, souvenir)
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