Misawa Taiko and American shakuhachi player meet again at Yatsugatake! “Sound of taiko and shakuhachi” at Haramura

Suwa drums and American shakuhachi players meet again at Yatsugatake this summer. This is “Sound of Taiko and Shakuhachi” by Makoto Yamamoto, a legend of Misawa Taiko, and David Willer Kansuke, a shakuhachi player living in Colorado, USA.

The two met last year at the Taiko Summit in Boulder, Colorado in 2018, and for the first time performed together at the Toryuzawayama Buddha Shoryuji Temple in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture in May this year. It was a precious live performance where the Misuzu Taiko drum, which is said to have the roots of Takeda Shingen’s military drums, and the shakuhachi that crossed the sea met again in Japan.

On August 26, they will perform again in Haramura, Nagano Prefecture. The venue is “K”, a restaurant deli and cafe in Yatsugatake Natural Culture Park in Haramura. This time, it will be held in the form of a live change.

By the way, on the day after the live at Deli & Cafe “K”, two live will be performed at Sasa Rikyu in Tateshina Kogen. Although Sasa Rikyu is a botanical garden of bamboo grasses, various events and special exhibitions are also held, and this day is also the last day of pottery exhibition Yumiko Takahashi ‘Primitive. It is.

A live performance between Japan and the United States that expresses movement and stillness with sound. Please come to see this opportunity!

[Taiko and Shakuhachi Sounds]

event date
August 26, 2019 (Monday)
14: 00-14: 30
* Afterwards, held at Sasa Rikyu from 15:30 to 16:00
Deli & Cafe “K” (17217-1613, Hara-mura, Suwa-gun, Nagano / Yatsugatake Natural Cultural Park)
* 2nd time: Sasa Rikyu (11400-1017 Tamagawa Uharayama, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture)
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Sound of drums and shakuhachi live change