Foliage spots with over 500 maples! Dehaya Park Momiji Festival in Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture, also being held this year

The center of autumn leaves in the Yatsugatake area has moved from the plateau area to an area at an altitude of 1,000 m or less. The Suwa district in Nagano prefecture, at an altitude of about 800m, will soon be in the prime of autumn leaves.

At that time, Dehaya Park Momiji Festival is being held at Okaya City, on the shores of Lake Suwa.

The Izaya Park, which is close to the Chuo Expressway Okaya Interchange, is a famous maple spot. As many as 500-600 maples and palm maples are planted around the shrine, and during the fall foliage season they are colored red and yellow.

During the period of the Izaya Park Momiji Festival, which will be held during the autumn leaves season, in addition to entertaining tea, sales of rakugan and towels will be held. You can relax while watching the scenery of autumn leaves in the autumn park.

Also lit up at night. The scenery of autumn leaves rising in the darkness of night has a different taste from daytime.

Dehaya Park Momiji Festival started last week on October 24 and lasts until November 6. If you are on an autumn trip, such as this weekend, please drop in!

[62nd Izaya Park Momiji Festival]

Holding period
October 24 (Thu)-November 6 (Wed), 2019
Idehaya Park (2-2, Ichihaya, Nagaya Prefecture Okaya City)
Light up time
18: 00-21: 00
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