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Prevent new Covid-19 infection

Hokuto City is striving to create a "hometown Hokuto" that is resistant to infectious diseases.

Hokuto city is taking the following measures
to prevent new Covid-19 infections

In cooperation with Yamanashi Green Zone Initiative

Hokuto City, in cooperation with Yamanashi Prefecture's Yamanashi Green Zone Initiative, is encouraging facilities that meet the prefecture's standards for infectious disease prevention to obtain a Yamanashi Green Zone Certification in order to "provide peace of mind and trust throughout Yamanashi.(Currently, certification is limited to four industries: lodging, restaurants, wineries, and sake breweries.)


Efforts to post "visualization" pop-ups

Not only citizens but also visitors to Hokuto City need to enjoy the city with peace of mind. The visualizations are "an effort to satisfy potential questions visitors" may have about the measures businesses are taking, and "the information businesses may want to convey to their visitors". It is recommended that stores and facilities in the city post information about their infection control efforts in an easy-to-understand manner using "visualization" pop-up displays.

Prevent new Covid-19 infectionPrevent new Covid-19 infection

Wearing masks by staffWearing masks by staff

Disinfection and cleaning of the roomDisinfection and cleaning of the room

Regular ventilationRegular ventilation

Staff temperature and physical condition managementStaff temperature and physical condition management

Hand washing and disinfection for staffHand washing and disinfection for staff

Ensuring spacingEnsuring spacing

Installation of partitionsInstallation of partitions

Reduce opening hoursReduce opening hours

Reduce business hoursReduce business hours

Reservations and admission restrictionsReservations and admission restrictions

Request to our customers

  1. To prevent the spread of infection, please refrain from visiting the store when experiencing symptoms like fever or cough.
  2. Please, disinfect with alcohol or wash your hands when entering the store.
  3. Please observe cough etiquette and keep conversations to a minimum.
  4. Please be aware that we may not be able to let you in even if seats or lockers are available due to social distancing.
  5. Please cooperate when asked to fill in the visitor's list and/or to measure your temperature.
  6. Please follow the "New Travel Etiquette" for travelers, which outlines infection prevention measures for each situation (in cooperation with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism and the Japan Tourism Agency), to avoid the risk of infection. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.