1,000m Sky Resort Yatsugatake

Various alcohols

Let's return to our purest self on this Yatsugatake Gastronomy Nurtured by Water and Sun - Hokuto Food Tour

A great variety of alcoholic beverage producers make use of the sun, water, and fertile soil the climate and natural features of Hokuto city offer.

Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture, which boasts one of Japan's most famous mountains, Yatsugatake. It is also home to the rich natural environments of the Southern Alps UNESCO Eco Park and Koubushin UNESCO Eco Park. The city has long nurtured a culinary culture and production of various alcoholic liquids that take advantage of the local environment. The area primarily produces whiskey, wine, beer, sake, and shochu. Yamanashi Prefecture is a unique region where the Philippine Sea Plate, Pacific Plate, North American Plate, and Eurasian Plate overlap. The water, filtered through the plates, is of exceptional quality. This is reflected in the variety of alcoholic beverages produced here.