Discounts according to
the temperature of the day

SAMUTOKU“Colder is Profit Fair”

Based on the temperature at 10 o’clock in the morning of that day, eligible items marked with “Colder” will be discounted.
Many Stores located in the Yatsugatake Tourism Zone (Hokuto city in Yamanashi prefecture and Fujimi town / Haramura in Nagano prefecture) participate in the fair.

GENERAL INFODates & Times, Address

12 Jan. - 17 Feb. 2019
Hokuto City (Yamanashi), Fujimicho, Haramura & Nobeyama (Nagano), JAPAN
Yatsugatake Tousism Management, SAMUTOKU Executive Committee
GENERAL INFO Dates & Times, Address

GETTING HERETransportation

By Train:
From Tokyo take the Chuo Mainline to Nirasaki Sta. or Kubuchizawa Sta. When coming from the direction of Nagoya and Matsumoto, Chino Sta. and Kobuchizawa Sta. are the gateways to the area. Get a local feel with the Koumi line highland train which starts at Kobuchizawa Sta. and runs around the South side of the Yatsugatake, connecting with the Nagano Shinkansen at Sakudaira Sta. and the Shinano line in Komoro Sta.
By Car:
Take the Chuo Highway when heading for Hokuto city, Fujimi town, or Haramura, and choose from one of the four access points: Sutama IC, Nagasaka IC, Kobuchizawa IC or Suwa Minami IC.
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