About the “SAMUTOKU”(The Yatsugatake Colder is Profit Fair).

More than 80 Stores located in the Yatsugatake Tourism Zone (Hokuto city in Yamanashi prefecture and Fujimi town / Haramura in Nagano prefecture)and Nobeyama in Nagano participate in the fair. Based on the temperature at 10 o’clock in the morning of that day, eligible items marked with “Colder” will be discounted. (Guests staying in one of the participating hotels or pensions will receive a discount ticket for their next booking. When checking in on the same day, the discount of that day will be reduced from your hotel fee. Make sure you check.)
The 2020 fair will be held for 37 days from 11 January till 16 February.

Temperature Observation point
The tourist information center “Aozora” in front of Kiyosato station.

How to confirm
1) “The Yatsugatake Colder is Profit Fair”homepage
2) The notification monument in front of the tourist information center at Kiyosato train station. *Daily results will be posted at 10 am.

“The Yatsugatake Colder is Profit Fair”2020 points of attention

Point 1:
Also Chance on Warmer Days!

The “Warm day” system will even offer a chance on warmer days. On days the 50% discount has not been reached you will receive a “Warm Day” card from the establishment you visited. Collecting these cards entitles you to participate in the special lottery held in the 15th and 16 of February. Make chance on some nice presents in the lottery.

The value “Warm day” card necessary to participate in the lottery will change according to the discount rate of the day the card was received. A card of a 30% off day will be 1 point, a card on a 10% day 2 points, and a card on a 0% day will be 3 points. With a minimum of 3 points you will be able to participate one time in the lottery. Don’t miss the high chances on a warm day.

About the “Warm day” card

On 0~30% discount days receive 1 card for each purchase in one of the shops participating in the fair. Collecting the required number of points will enable you to take part in the lottery.

Point card system
30% card = 1 point
10% card = 2 points
0% card = 3 points
A minimum of 3 points gives you 1 chance in the lottery.

Date: Sat 15. & Sun 16. Feb 2020.
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Place: The tourist information center “Aozora” in front of Kiyosato station.

Point 2
This year we will also have a grand finale.
On the last day everything will be 50% off.

The “Grand Finale” is on 16 February, the final day of the fair. All eligible products in the participating stores will receive a discount of 50% regardless the temperature. Enjoy as much as possible the cold days till the final day!

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