Soba and Onsen
in Yatsugatake

The Soba and
Hot springs,
water tour

The Yatsugatake plateau and the Minami-Alps are listed on the "100 renowned springs of Japan", and the "100 best springs of the Heisei era". The "Village of water", surrounded by famous peaks, has one of the greatest natural environments in Japan. This water brings forth the Yatsugatake soba and hot springs.

The soil is well suited for soba, and people have made soba from the early days. And even today, soba craftsmen cluster in the area continuing to make authentic soba with its distinct flavors.
In addition, this region along the Fossa Magma Ridge is attractive for its diversity of hot springs. There are various mineral-rich hot springs such as chloride springs, bicarbonate springs and simple hot springs often found in famous hot springs. In addition, it has some of the world's best radium-content hot springs.

Watch Mt. Fuji while experiencing the blessings of the Yatsugatake and enjoy the change of seasons from a 1000m altitude.

Rules on
how to use onsen

  • There are separate dressing areas for men and women
  • People with tattoos are not allowed
  • Pour hot water over your body before going into the bath
  • No clothing is allowed in the bath
  • No stools and towels are allowed in the bath
  • You must sit down while using shower
  • Do not to make a loud noise
  • Dry your body before returning to the dressing area

How to enjoy soba

After you received the soba, eat it without the soup first. In Japan, it is good customs to eat soba with a slurping sound because it makes it easier to experience the flavor from the nose. Please enjoy the aroma and taste of soba. Next, taste the soup only. The way each shop make their bouillon for the tsuyu (soup) is different. They are particular about their materials. I think you will be able to enjoy the differences between the tsuyus.

Then, finally, have the soba and soup together.

After having enjoyed the soba, enjoy the soba-yu (Hot buckwheat water). The soba-yu contains the nutrition that was left when boiling the soba. Therefore, when you drink the soba-yu, you have tasted the whole of the soba. The taste of soba differs greatly. How about looking for your favorite shop?


GENERAL INFODates & Times, Address

19 Oct. 2019 - 8 Mar. 2020
Hokuto City (Yamanashi), Fujimicho & Haramura (Nagano), JAPAN
Yatsugatake Tourism Management
YATSUGATAKE SOBA FESTA 2019https://tenkuhaku.com/soba2019-2020/ YATSUGATAKE YUYU RALLY 2019-2020https://tenkuhaku.com/yuyu2019-2020/
GENERAL INFO Dates & Times, Address

GETTING HERETransportation

By Train:
From Tokyo take the Chuo Mainline to Nirasaki Sta. or Kubuchizawa Sta. When coming from the direction of Nagoya and Matsumoto, Chino Sta. and Kobuchizawa Sta. are the gateways to the area. Get a local feel with the Koumi line highland train which starts at Kobuchizawa Sta. and runs around the South side of the Yatsugatake, connecting with the Nagano Shinkansen at Sakudaira Sta. and the Shinano line in Komoro Sta.
By Car:
Take the Chuo Highway when heading for Hokuto city, Fujimi town, or Haramura, and choose from one of the four access points: Sutama IC, Nagasaka IC, Kobuchizawa IC or Suwa Minami IC.
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Enjoy the experience of
in the sky at the
"Sky Resort Yatsugatake"
the area with a vertical
spread of 1,000 metres

From an altitude of 400 metres at the base to 1,400 metres, Yatsugatake tourism area is a real "Sky Resort"; the nature of which changes hourly and seasonally. Take a special journey to enjoy a "life in the sky" experience in this area with a 1,000 metre altitude difference.