Kigi’s herb talk – 2 (P42)

kigi’s herb talk
Hakobe – Chickweed (Stellaria media)

Hakobe or Chickweed is one of the seven herbs of spring, showing its head early in the season. From the approximately 7,000 plant varieties in Japan, chickweed was chosen as one of the seven herbs important herbs: a real elite in the plant world.

Chickweed’s medicinal properties are used to treat prickly heat (rash), cuts, headache, abdominal pains, and other numerous ailments. It was especially known to help women to recover as after giving birth.

Judging from its lanky and soft appearance it is hard to imagine, but Chickweed is said to stimulate the “blood production” almost with the same effect as eating meat. The ability for blood formation helps women to restore their blood levels after having given birth and stimulates milk production when breastfeeding. (Breast milk does originate from the blood.)

“I think that plants, sharing the same season and location, show a strong affinity with our body and mind. The plants can be found from early spring until the beginning of autumn.

By all means, incorporate them into your life.
I would like to recommend to use Chickweed in smoothies for breakfast, made with soy-milk and seasonal fruits.”