Mt. Amida elevation 2,805 M (P44)

Mt. Amida (Amidadake) (Nagano prefecture), elevation 2,805 M

If you ever took the country road (Echo line) connecting Fujimi town, Haramura and Chino city, you probably have experienced how the wide view is mind-blowing. The rural scenery of the Western foot of Yatsugatake seen from your carwindow is mesmerizing.

The pyramidal shape of Mt. Amida stands high above the many large and small peaks that stretch for 21 Km. from Mt. Amigasa to Mt. Tateshina.

Among the mountains of Yatsugatake this is the only mountain with remnants of the old mountain religions. Hence, the mountain is named after the Tathagata. Even till this day many stone Buddha statues and monuments, including of Amida Buddha, remain at the top of the mountain. An indication of the seriousness of the faith of the people of the past.

Mt. Amida is the most difficult to climb the peak of the Yatsugatake mountains.

Like on Mt. Akadake, the provision of stairs and chains has been kept to a minimum. Its ruggedness challenges the skills of climbers.

During the winter all the routes will change, and only experienced climbers will be able to traverse the challenging conditions.

If you would see Mt. Akadake for the first time from Oizumi and compare it to the Matterhorn, you could say that Mt.Amida is like Mt. Eiger or the Himalayan Mt. Pumori.

Part of the fun for the people living at the foot of the mountain is to nurture those kinds of imaginations.

Situated just outside the main mountain range, the solidary figure that keeps the people fascinated.