Enjoy! Community (P56-57)

Living in the region, Enjoying the region, Making a living in the region

Both, the people who for various reasons were attracted to the charm of the Yatsugatake and Southern Alps region and came to live here, and those who were born and raised locally and decided to stay, all are putting their pride into the area.

Regions where people do there best with an attitude of, “We want to make it even better”, will surely into wonderful places.

Kai no Koiko

Energizing the region with Yosakoi.
(dance originating in Kochi Prefecture)

Mr. and Mrs. Akaoka, from Takane town in Hokoto city, nurtured the wish to “rejuvenate and energize the area” and started the “Kai no kuni koiki”. The original group consisted of ten people. They were all inexperienced and learned the choreography from a video they had ordered. Now, after 14 years, the group not only consists of members from Takane but also has members from outside the city and prefecture.

Nirasaki Nira Association

Revitalizing town with local gourmet

“Ten years ago we wanted to revitalize Nirasaki city using specialties of the town”, and as a result, the youth department of the Nirasaki city chamber of commerce and industry established the “Nirasaki Nira (Nira scallion/ garlic chives) Association”.

Since its inception, the association has attended seven to eight festivals and events, on a yearly base. The “Niraman” (Japanese-style muffin stuffed with nira) are grilled on a large-size preformed iron plate—blazing the appeal of Nirasaki.

Nira was actually not a local specialty but was chosen for its reference to the first part of the city’s name, Nirasaki.

The slogan was, ” let’s make the “niraman” a local specialty”, and enthusiastically the plan was set in motion. Representative Mr. Yoshide Kikuchi said, “The use of nira is not limited to the “Niraman”. We are trying to increase the total demand of nira for the whole of Nirasaki by developing new products. It would be wonderful if we could also increase the number of farmers producing nira”. Expressing the prospect of future expansion.

The Hokuto nursing support team “Hare no hi” (a sunny day)

“To the Yatsugatake Universal field.”

Creating an affluent town that also benefits the elderly and people with disabilities.

Moving towards an area where everyone, anywhere can enjoy.

In the hope, everyone will be able to enjoy the charm of the shops, nature, and culture of the Yatsugatake and Southern Alps.

I think this is a responsibility we share with all people in the region.

In November 2016, the Hokuto city nursing support team “Hare no hi” was formed; a volunteering organization with the aim “to create a town where everybody can live at ease”.

At the core is an active team of care and welfare workers representing different fields of specialization, such as Physiotherapists, regional planning managers, and designers, supported by a team of approximately 30 volunteers workers.

Representative Ms. Ayako Yokoyama, a care and welfare worker, says: ” I want to present ” Hare no hi”as a special day, where elderly and physical challenged people will experience the charm of the area.
Just because getting older or being physically challenged does not mean that you will have to give up on going out, delicious meals, or enjoying the beautiful scenery.

“I think that this is what it means to be an affluent town, and that is what we are aiming at”.


Ayako Yokoyama

Living in Hokuto city since 2015
she works as a care and welfare worker while utilizing her qualifications as a dementia care specialist, art conductor, and elderly activities’ instructor.
She is also a mother of two.