Southern Yatsugatake Highland resort (P11)

Southern Yatsugatake Highland resort
Kiyosato Highland

The Southern Yatsugatake highland region is situated at the most Northern tip of the Yamanashi prefecture, starting at an altitude of 1000 meters.

Enjoy the views of the surrounding 3000 m-class mountains such as the Southern Alps and Mt.Fuji, meadows and valleys.

There are many idyllic western styled petite hotels, cafes, museums etc. scattered in the area which were brought by pioneers, offering a sophisticated taste, and where one can spend time for relaxation.

(From his handwritten records and speeches)

Encounter with Kiyosato

In 1937, while trying to find a leaders training camp location for the Japanese BSA (Brotherhood of Saint Andrew), I was staying at the Danrokan (Kofu)—an inn owned by the father of one of the student.

The father said to me that, “If the mountain scenery will do, there are some awesome locations in the Yatsugatake area just one and a half hour from here. It could be the perfect location for a youth camp. I often go up there for fishing on Brook trout. If it is alright with you, I could show you the place.”

Early next morning, we set out from Kofu by train towards the Yatsugatake. While walking and being guided through the morning dew, the sun suddenly broke through, revealing the mountains.

At that moment, everyone immediately had the same thought: “This is the place!”

(A note from 1953)

Paul Rush (1897 ~ 1979)

He came for the first time to Japan to rebuild the YMCA in Tokyo and Yokohama which was destroyed during the Great Kanto Earthquake. The following year he was appointed by the Rikkyo university as a sports instructor to the Japanese youth.

When the wars started between the US and Japan he was repatriated to the United States, but returned in 1945 as a member of the GHQ. After engaging in the reconstruction of the Rikkyo University, and retiring from the military, he began to work on the establishment of the ‘Kiyosato Rural Center’ (Later named: ‘Keep association). The goal was to create a model for the Japanese people in rural areas to become self-supporting.

As during the prewar era, he continued to work hard to motivate young people and to nurture good leaders.

He is often referred to as, ‘The father of Kiyosato’

“Using it for Kiyosato” excerpt from “The Miraculous Trail” (Keep Association founded by Paul Rush)
Monochrome Photo provided: Public interest foundation Keep Association Paul Rush Memorial Hall